Bret favre dating life

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Bret favre dating life

He said processed foods are off the menu.“It’s a life-changing diet,” he said.Having come from a meat, potatoes and beer family, Favre joked that he could only imagine being at home with his parents and telling them he doesn’t drink milk anymore.Roethlisberger might have committed the crimes he was accused of but they could not be proven. I am not sure, but I do believe more went on than the police could prove.While the Favre case is not a criminal matter as of yet, it does compare to the cases above.When stories like these break most are quick to believe them and take them for the gospel.I have learned to take a wait and see approach to most stories like this. Because for every story the media gets right like Tiger Woods infidelity, they strike out on stories like the Duke Lacrosse team and Kobe Bryant.Just recently, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was involved in not one but two allegations of sexual assault.The Steelers quarterback, who returns from a four game suspension this week, was never charged in either case.

Back to the Favre story, there are things to take into account before taking a stance on this story.Favre has some other ventures along with the television commercials he has been doing in retirement and will continue to find things that will fulfill him during his post-football life.He said he doesn’t miss playing the games anymore and is happy to move on to the next chapter.“The thing with me, I played 20 years, if you count college, 24 years, and keep going back, there’s nothing that I didn’t achieve,” he said.After the ugly breakup between Favre and the Packers, no one came out and said Favre sexually harassed female employees with Green Bay and no one in Minnesota has come out against Favre either.Favre has a troubled past and has battled a Vicodin and alcohol additions.

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CANTON, Ohio - Playing quarterback was Brett Favre’s identity for most of his life and it served him well.