Libra man dating aquarius woman

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Libra man dating aquarius woman

An Aquarius in love is not so much looking to drown in emotional intimacy or physical sensuality as much as for a companion who will accompany them in their intellectual explorations.

This suits the Libra just fine since they thrive in verbal and social exchange and would be glad to avoid the emotional complexities of a relationship. However what could put the relationship under some strain is the fact that the two signs have a few personal compulsions of their own.

When the two come together in love, it is likely to be a remarkable experience.

Their lovemaking will be fired by the wild imagination of the Aquarius partner while the Libra will infuse it with romance and balance the streak of adventurousness with tender affection and warmth of his love.

With air as their ruling element, both use their mind and related skills like conversation and social interaction to understand what is going on around them.

The above differences however are can be negotiated provided the two signs want to share a life together.

The innate tact and diplomacy of the Libra is the perfect foil for the determined rebelliousness of the Aquarius while the humane and progressive outlook of the latter will answer to the deepest concerns of justice in a Libra.

All these traits of the air sign bode well for the Libra and Aquarius pairing.

They both will keep each other interested with long, stimulating discussions on practically every topic under the sun.

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When Aquarius is thoughtful and philosophic, Libra takes over as practical idealist.

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