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Ludwig snare drum dating

I took this photo from Ringo's spot on the stage to give you a different perspective.

Finding a good deal on a vintage drum on EBay seems to be a thing of the past.When I log on to an auction site now, it’s easy to see that the public at large has been educated. FIRST LUDWIG OYSTER BLACK PEARL KIT:5.5"x 14" Jazz Festival snare drum (Pre-serial Keystone badge / Red ink stamp date: APR 18 1963)8"x12" Tom14"x14" Floor Tom14"x20" Bass Drum (clear interior)FIRST LUDWIG KIT HARDWARE: Speed King bass drum pedal (Model 201)Flat base cymbal stand (Model 1400) [1] An Olympic cymbal stand was also used Flat base snare drum stand (Model 1363)Flat base hi-hat stand (Model 1121)Bass drum anchor (Walberg & Auge Model 1304)Note: Photo evidence indicates that only one Ludwig model 1400 cymbal stand may have been purchased with the first Ludwig kit. Most of us are aware of the Walberg & Auge model 1304 bass drum anchor plainly seen in front of Ringo's kit on the Beatles' Ed Sullivan performance.Next we see the obvious, Ringo's 1963 Jazz Festival with a well used batter head.And finally, you can easily see the Ludwig / Manny's music store stamps on the tom and floor tom.

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The condensed version is that Ringo was drawn to the Oyster Black Pearl color and loved the fact that we could get an American made drum set.

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