Naughty and nice dating

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Naughty and nice dating

For example, you can give two to three slow spanks in a row, then you can kiss and let your hands roam to your partner’s privates.

How to add erotic spanking to your sex life Whether you just like sudden, white-hot jolts of pleasurable pain to your derriere, or you want to explore your dominant/submissive sides, spanking is a fun and exciting way to intensify the fire in your sex life.If you get turned on by the sound of spanking, but you don’t want a lot of pain, cupped hands are the way to go.Meanwhile, slapping with palms and fingers flat on the ass can make a slapping noise and can be more painful.This can cause discomfort and pain–plus it’s not sexy.What you can do is to take your time between each spank, so your partner savors the contrasts of pain and pleasure as you build anticipation.

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No matter how crude you may think it is, spanking can actually be an art form–a craft.