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No chat sex lines just listen

The massage went on for about two minutes, and I felt so turned on by the massage and Lissa's teasing that I could feel my wetness dripping onto my bikini bottoms lying underneath my crotch. Startled, I turned, only to see the hottie at seven o'clock beside me. He slapped his hand over my mouth just in time before I was about to scream. You are one hot chick I would totally fuck the shit out of. " I glanced over at Melissa who fell asleep while tanning, and a sense of panic overwhelmed me.

One of the hands started to move downwards to cup my sex. Only this time, instead of being at seven o'clock, he was beside me! "Be a good girl and let me fuck you quietly without waking Melissa up, and we can go our separate ways after this, or you can wake her up and I'll fuck both of you.

Sure, going to the beach, feeling the sun, the water, the sand, enjoying a good old tan with your friends over the holidays is amazing. Tanning sessions are costly, and spray tans just don't seem to work on my Asian skin, but I desperate need a trip to the beach. Walking over to my best friend, Melissa, in my new bikini, I noticed the attention I'm getting, and I'm definitely enjoying it. Not that I'm complaining about the attention my fat ass gets. So who better to get some sun on the parts that the sun doesn't usually reach? "Stop being a tease Lissa, we're in public." I chastised her teasingly and she gave me a wink before cupping my pussy and tickling my clit. If not it won't tan." There wasn't a response from Melissa, but soon I felt a pair of hands spreading my butt cheeks wide. " I settled back down into my mat and closed my eyes. " I squealed when I felt two fingers plunging into my pussy, hitting my G-spot right away.

Until you see the bikini tan lines you've gotten from just two hours under the sun. With a smirk, I put on my shades and swayed my hips a little more, just for a little extra emphasis. A little jiggle of that booty and all the guys become putty in your hands. Now, the reason why I asked Melissa along for tanning, besides the fact that she's my best friend, was that we were really comfortable being around each other. I moaned, feeling the stretch against the ring of my butt hole. Moments later, the hands started massaging my ass, and the feeling of my ass being massaged and my butt hole stretching and relaxing feels so good that I started moaning into my beach mat. I felt a kiss on my nape, and onto my shoulder, when I felt something prickly scratch lightly against my neck.

As you slam my pussy I will drain your cock and your bank account…

I’ll let you fuck any of my holes on this extreme domination phone sex line but you better be prepared to pay through the teeth for it.

Noooooooo..." I whined as she withdrew her hand from my clit and continued massaging the lotion into my legs, leaving me super hot and bothered. Blonde hottie at seven o'clock helped me out before you arrived." I turned to look at the guy she was waving to and there he was, waving back at us. Maybe I'll get off in the public restroom before we end our tanning session.

Yep, this guy will definitely be part of our fantasies when we get back home from tanning. As the sun was beating down on my back, I could not help but feel restless, from the teasing Melissa did, but decided to ignore it.

Blonde Hottie started slowing down his pace, making me whine for the loss of the pleasure I was getting from the fingering he was giving me. He stuck his fingers so far down it made me gag, and he continued making me gag by fucking my mouth with his fingers.

"What a good little slut, cleaning up my fingers so good. " Melissa sat up after Blonde Hottie was out of sight. " I sat on my mat, shocked at what had just happened.

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