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Headlining cover story this issue is an expansive interview with John Sebastian of The Lovin Spoonful.

Sebastian opened up to reveal behind-the-scenes tales about the bands formation, the making of their first three albums, a hashish-fueled meeting of the minds in London with George Harrison and Brian Jones, the drug bust that tore the band apart, and much more.

Jesse Fuller was a truly unique one-man-band playing blues, spirituals, ballads and folk songs.

On these recordings we find Jesse playing guitar, harmonica, kazoo and the footdella (a bass that Jesse built which he plays with his feet). 'San Francisco Bay Blues', 'Railroad Blues', 'John Henry', 'Lining The Tracks', 'Hanging 'round A Skin Game' and 'The Railroad Work Song'.

We do not know the titles, as they were not announced, and are not released on any of her other recordings.Their debut record features a rockin' country tune all about tough love and death on the A side and a weepy Hank Williams cover on the flip.Another classic DIY record from the Tombstone label. Mind Meld's melodic brand of heavy garage-psych is catchier and more fully-realized than what 99.9% of their peers come up with, and those hooks will grab you like a paddle cactus quill and bury themselves deep under your skin, but there will be no pain.Oozing out shock waves of bad acid trips, decayed guitar, and the dull stomp of a tiny beatbox, 'Subnarcotic' is American garage and proto-punk filtered through some shadow-filled masterpiece of German expressionism.This LP-edition is limited to 1.000 copies, including two giant newsprint poster inserts and a bonus track not found on the original LP or CD reissues.

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With roots in other legends of the New Orleans' underground, including Kajun SS, Dem Nastee Habits and the The Poots, this is American punk designed to alienate the casual listener and delight the die hard music fan.

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