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With Hermes’ followers, Xandes is just as much trying to get revenge and he’s a bit of a kiss-up, and Sam feels like he owes the royal family, as well as Hermes personally, for saving his life from a near-lethal blow that the prince himself inflicted! Depending on how things go, he might stay with Hermes to the end, especially after having sworn his loyalty, and in that case, he’s in for a pretty sorrowful end.Excuse me, but Hermes, with rulers like that, who needs enemies? However, we’ll just have to see how it goes from here.Yes, we get Prince Hermes point of view this week and it turns out that despite how he’s been portrayed so far, he and Arslan are actually not as different as one may think.It’s been a few episodes since we’ve had a look at the more human side of the man in the silver mask, and even then I concluded that he was quite a bit like Arslan, but had gone through more hurt and pain and betrayal with no support or guidance from others, leading to what good that was in him, being corroded by his hatred, anger, and desire for revenge.Though considering how he’s been chained up to the point that doesn’t allow him to walk, and he’s probably been sitting in his own excrement and urine and in a damp dark dungeon for six months, I doubt he’ll ever be the same again, even IF he survives by the time Lusitania is finally driven out.We don’t see much of Arslan this episode, except at the episode’s prologue and epilogue.We’re also not sure if he’s still retaining all his senses anymore either.When Sam asks him if he did in fact kill his own brother and try to kill his nephew, the usually blunt monarch was unusually rather vague.

Both of them acknowledge the civil war that is on the horizon as soon as Lusitania is dealt with, as neither Hermes nor Arslan will back down.We see that he has finally made his decision, and made his first move as future ruler by formally declaring war against Lusitania, and also making a proclamation that Pars’ long-lived institution of slavery is over.I don’t know how this will go over with Andragoras or the nobility of Pars, but we’ll have to at least acknowledge the fact that Arslan has made his choice and is willing to follow through with it no matter the consequences.And yet, it is times like these, among those that are loyal to him, that we see him as a relatively normal guy, and if we didn’t already have Arslan, even I would have joined Sam to be on his side.It’s been no secret that the forgotten prince was only using the Lusitanians to gain access to Pars and unseat Andragoras, and he has no love for them whatsoever and is actively planning on how to crush and expel them.

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Yet, for the first time this series, we’re going to give the young prince a break and take a look at an older prince who is just as determined as his cousin, and ten times more driven.