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the original 5-year engineering programs could be taken in four years) and to focus on less, interrelated course subjects in an 11-week term.On the other hand, Mapúa High School was closed down on 2005, since it was operated in the red.The Makati Campus' library is equipped with electronic resources and offers the Library Plus service by default.The campus will soon feature state-of-the-art laboratories, test kitchens, and mock-ups for its upcoming Hotel and Restaurant Management program.There were 80 students and a dozen faculty members at that time; classes were held in a rented commercial building in Carriedo Street near Feati University in Quiapo, Manila.In 1928, the Mapúa Institute of Technology Pre-Engineering High School was established in Doroteo Jose Street through Rizal Avenue Sta. Then in 1930, Mapúa joined the National Collegiate Athletic Association as the Mapúa Cardinals.

As a part of the rehabilitation program, the former De Luxe Fashion School in Doroteo José was acquired and housed the high school department in 1948.

While Industrial Engineering (IE) and Computer Science (CS) as a Center of Development.

Mapúa is also the first Philippine and Southeast Asian educational institution to have ABET certification, rendering the Institute to be at par with US-based colleges and universities.

After he died, the tradition was continued by his children, Óscar M.

Mapúa Sr., a graduate in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Gloria M. Mapua University is a source of architects, engineers, and science graduates in the architectural and engineering fields as Mapúa University specializes in these fields in the undergraduate and graduate levels, aside from its widening range of undergraduate programs such as psychology, computer science, digital cinema, multimedia arts and sciences, and nursing.

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Tomás Mapúa's grandson, Oscar Mapúa Jr., took over his duties until December 1999, when the Mapúa family sold the institute to the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC) headed by Alfonso T. Starting 2002, Mapúa, which originally was on a semestral system, pioneered the Quarterm System.

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