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Unmoderated teen webcam chat

No place is any more or less the centre of the world than any other anymore.As people who once sensed that they inhabited the intellectual margins of the contemporary world simply because of the nature of geo-political arrangements, we know that nothing can be quite as debilitating as the constant production of proof of one's significance.

This constancy of connection to the nervous systems of billions of others comes with its own consequences.Conversely, no matter how important a statement may have appeared when it was first uttered, its significance is compromised by the fact that it is ultimately filed away as just another datum, a pebble, in a growing mountain range.Whosoever maintains an archive of their practice online is aware of the fact that they alter the terms of their visibility.The public for our work, for any work that positions itself anywhere vis-a-vis the global digital commons is now a set of concentric and overlapping circles, arranged along the ripples produced by pebbles thrown into the fluid mass of the Internet.Artists have to think differently about their work in the time of the Internet because artistic work resonates differently, and at different amplitudes. Nothing that takes place anywhere in the world and is communicated on the Internet is at a remove any longer.

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This changes our understanding of the public for our work.

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